Kaitlynn currently serves as Audio Lead at social game company Plaor/Crowd Gather. While video game audio remains her primary focus, she also possesses an interest in sound for film.

Plaor’s Facebook and mobile game, MegaFame Casino showcases Kaitlynn’s sound design. All in House slot machines feature her sound effects and music, and both the poker section of the casino and the Challenge Map contain additional work by her.

Before Plaor, Kaitlynn combined her love for video games and audio at The New England Institute of Art in Boston, Massachusetts where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Media & Technology. While in school, Kaitlynn interned at Rumblestrip Studios in Brookline, MA and Harmonix Music Systems in Cambridge, MA, allowing her to enter the workforce armed with knowledge of and experience in commercial and video game audio.

While at Harmonix, Kaitlynn contributed to the development of the Xbox 360 Kinect games Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. Additionally, she has created multiple flash games that include her music and sound effects.